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Wholesale with good price,COB LED Rigid Light,LED COB Module from YALED Lighting

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COB LED Bar Lights are successful model products in COB technology application which are flat luminous source, equable and soft irradiancy with good heat dissipation, energy saving and low safety voltage. COB LED Bar Lights are chip on board packaging, this packaging technology is use integrated way, will enter a new stage of development.Below is Specification for COB LED Bar Light 100CM-YL-Z05,
* Power:14W    
* Size: 1000×16×14mm                                
* Material: Aluminium and PC                                            
* Luminious Flux(lm):1000-1140LM
* Input Voltage(V AC):DC24V
* Color Temperature:2800-6500K
* Beam angle:120°
* Lifespan: ≥50,000 hrs                
* CRI:≥80                                
* Power factor:≥95%
* Working Temperature:-20℃~50℃
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