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Yaled lighting release LED light bar for UV, UTV, truck, Fork lift, etc

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LED light bar is a principle of the use of electronic light-emitting cold light source emitting light; a micro-heat, low power consumption, widely used in communications, transportation, aerospace and other high-tech field; abroad and first used in automotive signal lighting on the instrument, it's a long wavelength, penetrating power, transient response is good, light without delay, long life, usually no one is external damage, a considerable number of years with a car is scrapped, the working current is one-twelfth of the traditional light bulb.
LED light bar advantages:
Long life: Life 5-10 million hours, generally without changing the life of the vehicle;Save money: the original car with the incandescent lamp, a 21 watt on; led only 1 watt more than a car. The entire vehicle a total of less than 100 watts it! Saving that is fuel-efficient, less fuel-efficient 100 liters this year;Free tickets: As LED car lights long life, avoiding the sudden loss of light due to the move to the ticket;The circuit safety: car lighting circuit from a dozen amps of current to less than 1 amp, the circuit may significantly reduce the fire;Traffic safety: As the light speed, to brake the car after a long time, according to measured 100 kilometers per hour, allowing shorter braking distance after the car 7.5 meters. (From your incandescent lights to brake to a few hundred milliseconds, LED lights as long as tens of nanoseconds) refused to be rear-ended;High brightness: Compared to the traditional light bulb, led auto light color is more pure, higher brightness and lasting non-fade, there is a better warning;High strength: LED car light shock resistance, impact resistance far superior to ordinary light bulbs, and small size, adaptability to environment and so on.
Below is Specification of LED light bar-18W-YLCR-001 which is only 16.69USD,
Power : 18W
Voltage: 9-32 V DC
Light source : 6pcs*3W CREE LED
Lumens: 1260 LM
Beam type: Flood(60°), pencil(30°)
LED color temperature: 6000-6500K
Working life: 50,000 hours
Waterproof rate: IP68, IP6K9K, SAE J1455
Working temperature: -40~ 85℃
6063 aluminum profile, stainless steel bracket, PMMA Lens
Size : 4inch 99*73*107mm
Net weight : 0.8kg
Packaging info.: Inner box: 1pc/box Qty./ctn: 16pcs/ctn MEAS: 50*35*21cm G.W./ctn: 14kg
1. Off-Road vehicles: 4×4, ATVs, SUV, UTV, truck, Fork lift, trains, boat, bus, and tanks
2. Engineering vehicles: Excavator, dozer, road roller, bulldozer, crane and mining truck etc.
3. Specialized vehicles: Fire engine, police cars, rescue vehicle, communication vehicle, military command vehicle, ect
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