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Only US$24.15 for 10W RGB Flood light with remote

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LED floodlights are adopt single high-powered LED as light source,it has energy saving, environmental protection, long life, high luminous efficiency, mercury-free, no electromagnetic interference, strong earthquake, the advantages of projection long distance, high quality water lines, makes the overall product waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion effect of outstanding. Intelligent controller can be realized simultaneously by scanning, chase  and other changes effects.It has been widely used in buildings, squares statue, star hotels, outdoor billboards, backyard lawn,etc.Following is Specs for 10W RGB Flood light,
Item Type: RGB Flood Lights
Voltage:AC 85-265V
LED source:Epistar
LED Color: 4 main colors(Green, Red, White & Blue), 16 different colors in total(change colors via remote controller)  
Protection Level:IP65
Warranty:2 years
Cover Material: 5mm High Strength Glassess
Shell Material: High Strength Aluminum  
Application: Entrances,Stairwells,corridors,Play Yards,Advertisement Billboard,Construction Building,Pedestrian paths,etc.
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